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Climate Fellowship

A one-year program
to foster
the next generation of

Climate Tech entrepreneurs. 

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We believe innovation driven by great entrepreneurs can bring planet positive solutions and businesses. As early stage investors, our goal is to provide high potential entrepreneurs with equity and coaching to kick start their start-up. 

In Partnership with

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We invest  100 000€ in equity in SAFE, for 7% stake in the company. Each entrepreneur will set-up a formal company early in the program.  We will convert the SAFE at subsequent round, and continue investing if relevant.

Each entrepreneur will : 

Build the start-up 

Define value proposition

Attract the best co-founders 

Prepare for a seed round

We are bringing equity but also our accumulated experience in selecting the best entrepreneurs and the best investment topics. We also share the valuable expertise of our Startup Success and the networks of our communities.  

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From  Idea

to Seed

A year-long program, from idea to seed, to create and build a leading Climate Tech start-up. 

100 K for 7% in SAFE

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VC mentors 

Operational Coaches

Climate Experts


Curated Content



Perks and tools

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Founders Meet-ups 

Tech Ecosystem


Talents base 


25 October 2022 
Applications open

24 December 2022 
Applications close 

January 2023 
Launch of Season #1 

The program is a year long program at the end of which we expect entrepreneurs to raise a seed round which XAnge will  lead. 

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Behavior Change
Tech Enablers






Deeptech for Climate

 Bio Materials 

Carbon Removal

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Carbon & Climate Data

Climate Risk 

AI for Climate


We are looking for high potential European entrepreneurswith strong ambition to tackle climate change and natural resource issues. We invest in future leaders, with capacity to turn ideas into a leading startup. 


Candidates can be students or professionals with business or technological training, strong ambition and capacity to become stellar CEOs.  

Carbon and Climate are the most urgent matters. We also value addressing other environmental issues : resources, water, waste, biodiversity ... 

The energy transition is a key Climate Tech investment area. We are also passionate about a variety of planet positive technological innovations. 

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About us

We are early stage European investors. We believe in the power of technology to build planet positive high-potential startups. 

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Climate Tech is a multidisciplinary environment where complementary expertise need to be brought together. 

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We believe Climate Tech is a vast and promising investment space in which we can help build leaders of the future. 

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Our Partners and Experts network

This section gathers all practical questions that you can have on the Climate Fellowship program. 


If your question isn't answered below, please reach out to Nadja Bresous Mehigan, who is in charge of the program.

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To prepare you best, you can download all the questions of the application form here.

The Fellowship
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